Zeit Engineering

Zeit Engineering is a start-up company based in Cambridgeshire supplying engineers with equipment and software based on complex technical requirements.

Client: Zeit Engineering
Date: September 2018
Services: Branding & Logo Design, Web Design

01. Brief

Zeit Engineering came to Whimsie Creative looking for a designer who could produce a ‘technology’ style branding identity.

Their branding needed to ooze quality, posses simplicity and portray cutting-edge innovation.

02. Branding & Logo Design

The logo mark is strong, simple and modern. Taking the ‘Z’ from Zeit, and cleverly designing the shape into a hexagon, creates a bold and memorable logo.

Using a blue gradient really emphasises the ‘technology’ style and pops out against light and dark backgrounds. The font used is also strong, minimal and easy to read.

The logo design can be used in portrait and landscape formats and also on light and dark backgrounds which is important when using multiple marketing channels such as web, social and print.

03. Web Design & Development

The website is Zeit’s digital home, and as a start-up business, it is crucial that it is effective in informing potential clients and capturing new leads.

The way the content is displayed is short and to the point. This makes the information easy to digest and gets the important messaging across quickly. This, coupled with engaging and carefully design aesthetics creates a great first impression. I also created unique illustrations for the homepage, bringing life to the site.

In addition to a contact page and contact form, we integrated Calendy into the site, which means users can book meetings with Zeit that automatically inputs into personal calendars straight from the website. A chat box feature also helps users get in touch quicker and easier.

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