Penthouse Digital

Penthouse Digital is an agency specialising in social media marketing based in the north of the UK.

Client: Penthouse Digital
Date: February 2018
Services: Branding & Logo Design, Graphic Design

01. Brief

Penthouse Digital needed a modern, approachable brand identity that portrays quality, digital industry and innovation.

In an ever-changing and competitive landscape, it was also important for the brand identity to be authentic and original. Another important consideration for the logo was to ensure it was designed to be used across various marketing channels such as online, social media and print.

02. Branding & Logo Design

Penthouse Digital needed their new integrated branding to be approachable, modern and simple.

We did that by using an ‘all-encompassing’ circle-based design which incorporates the ‘p’ and the ‘d’ of their brand name and by using a soft and easily read type font.

The modern colour palette consisting of a balanced combination of gradient and warming colours gave the design it’s ‘digital’ characteristics and personality.

The Logo

Branding and Logo Design

03. Graphic Design

With the new brand identity complete, Penthouse Digital required marketing collateral such as letterhead and business card design.

Using the colour palette and logo colour variations, the designs are consistent throughout marketing materials and stationery.

Marketing Collateral

Branding and Logo Design

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