Josiah Hincks Solicitors

Client: Josiah Hincks Solicitors
Date: May 2021
Services: Web Design/Development

01. Brief

Josiah Hincks, a fantastic, growing, dynamic firm of solicitors in Leicester who strive to maintain their reputation for excellent service and specialist advice, needed a complete refresh of their website.


Together with the marketing team, we established the style, look and experience of the site as well as researching and planning the functionality that needed to be developed.

02. Web Design & Development

In our research and planning workshop, we looked at competitor solicitors and other websites and companies in similar industries to see what worked well and take inspiration from in terms of design and usability.

Being a solicitor firm, the design of the website needed to be professional, trustworthy and simple to use, allowing the user to quickly scan and digest information. The website needed to be easy to navigate and quick to find the information or answers they are looking for. With this, the contact page and contact information needed to be easily accessed and CTA buttons placed in the correct ages in user journeys.

Core functionality areas:

  • Engaging service pages with relevant CTA buttons to make contact about that service
  • Filterable team sections with pop-up bios
  • Recruitment page showing job vacancies with the ability to apply and submit CVs
  • News and articles posting
  • Online chat feature
  • Video backgrounds
  • Client-friendly CMS so that the marketing team could create new pages and content quickly and easily

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