Attenborough Arts Centre

Client: Attenborough Arts Centre
Date: September 2020
Services: Web Design/Development

01. Brief

Attenborough Arts Centre, part of The University of Leicester, had an outdated and tired website that didn’t do the brilliant work the Arts Centre does justice.

Being a creative organisation, the Attenborough Arts Centre wanted a quality website to reflect this whilst making sure the new design was also modern, simple and engaging.

02. Web Design & Development

The website needed to be many things and tick a lot of boxes. It had to be informative but inspiring, simple but effective, and modern but accessible.

In order to achieve the challenge of a lot of different ticking boxes, it was important to use tried and tested design techniques that gave the website a creative feel and was easy to use whilst being an engaging experience.

The website also needed to be accessible. Web accessibility means that websites are designed and developed so that people with disabilities (auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech, visual) can use them. One of the ways in which the website helps with this is an accessibility tool which improved the contrast levels of the website content.

Another important part of the website was the need for the staff to manage the website going forward. I worked closely with the marketing team and ensured that every part of the website could be edited and added to by their team easily and quickly using a user-friendly page editor in WordPress.

The final result was one that the Attenborough Arts Centre loved as well as the community and users of the centre.

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