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Website Content – Would You Benefit From Brand New Eyes?2 min read

Imagine two artists at work, painting a landscape. One keeps their nose close to the canvas from beginning to end, the other steps away from time to time to assess their work. With roughly similar skills, which is likely to achieve the better result? As art teachers have been known to frequently say – it’s all about perspective and this is the same when it comes to your website content!

Gaining a fresh perspective on your web design and website content

It can be difficult to step away from creating or managing your own company or organisation’s website. The content, if created in-house, is certainly written by experts, but these talented people have much more knowledge than many of those prospective customers who will then visit it.

This can lead to it being less effective than you would wish. Key problem areas can include the use of jargon, those terms so commonly understood inside a business which can often seem like a foreign language to those who are ‘just’ customers.

It’s also possible that key information might be neglected, simply because the website content writer knows it so well (the power of assumption). Equally, like a local in town offering directions to a visiting stranger, it’s possible some key steps towards the end result you wish will also inadvertently be omitted.

Another area of concern with self-content web designs is that the creator, passionate about their business, talks about what they want the world to know, areas of expertise they are rightly proud of, rather than delivering the key content that potential customers actually need to know.

Extending beyond web design

The above are all problems that occur accidentally rather than deliberately. It’s also true that this isn’t only a feature of web design and website content. The same ‘insider focus’ difficulties can arise in many other branding, graphic and promotional activities such as poster or brochure design.

Offering ‘brand new eyes’

Here at Whimsie Creative, based at Market Harborough in Leicestershire, we look to create partnerships with our small business and start-up clients. This allows us to marry their product, service and company knowledge and expertise with our fresh-eyed approach to the delivery of effective web design, website content, branding & logo design and graphic design solutions.

If you like an obligation-free conversation about how we might work together, please contact us today!

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