The Most Essential Startup Tips for Web Design: Part 16 min read

In today’s world, you can’t have a successful marketing strategy without a well-designed website.

In the first blog post in this series of The Most Essential Startup Tips for Web Design, we’ll be taking a look at some key design elements that should be incorporated on any startup site so it can stand out from its competitors and get noticed by its target audience.

From the overall design to navigation, these are elements that you should consider in order to create a business website that appears more desirable, professional, knowledgeable and easy to navigate.

Mobile Compatibility

As more people use smartphones and mobile devices around the world, mobile technology, as well as the internet, also improves and evolves.

With that said, your company should also make use of the power of mobile devices in terms of your website so that you can reach more people.

Your website should be able to adapt to various screen sizes and can be overall mobile-friendly. To do this, your site should follow the following recommendations:

Avoid Using Flash

Flash is not recommended as it uses and ultimately drains mobile resources, including battery power and does not allow mobile devices. This means that if your website is running on Flash, then the users with a particular mobile device won’t be able to access your site. Now imagine if out of 100, 50 users cannot access your website. That would really suck.

Don’t Use Dual Websites

Web developers in the past used to create separate websites for mobile devices. This is not a thing anymore. For you to be able to increase more traffic, then you need to create and use only one and the same URL for both mobile and desktop websites.

Use High-Resolution Images

To reach a more enjoyable mobile experience for your target audience, you need to use twice the resolution that you usually use for your desktop website.

Avoid Pop-Ups

You want to know the truth? Mobile users hate pop-ups! Even Google doesn’t like them. This advertising technique is considered one of the most hated ever strategies, both on desktop and mobile devices.

Use Structured Data

Your mobile website should have the same structure as that on your desktop site version.

Improve Website Navigation

Proper planning is the key component to why businesses or companies become successful. The same goes with your website. You need to have a clear vision as to how your website should look like.

Keep in mind the different sections that you need to include and the sitemap you need to create as part of your navigation plan. It is also important that you make your navigation responsive and always link your homepage with your logo.

Sticky navigation will also help users not get lost in your website even if they scroll to the bottom-most portion of a specific page on your site.

Make Your Design Clean and Cohesive

You need to create a design that is enticing, beautiful and eye-catching.

That’s because, according to research,75 percent of potential customers often make hasty judgments about company credibility based on the overall aesthetics and design of their website.

It may seem like a harsh judgement but remember, your website should appear professional and knowledgeable not just with the content you have but the overall appearance of your site, from the right colour combinations to the fonts, images and other elements.

So make sure that when you create one, it should embody what your company upholds.


Whether you’re a startup with an idea for the next big thing or one of the many small businesses that have been around for decades and are looking to refresh your online presence, it’s essential to invest in web design.

This article series will take readers through some important web design elements to start incorporating into your website so you can stand out from other companies on the internet.

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