SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

I deliver targeted, transparent, performance-driven SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). I recognise that building you a beautiful new website is only worthwhile if it’s where the world can see it.

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I like to use the simile that a website without SEO is like buying a brand new Ferrari and leaving it in the garage. A little overstated maybe, however too often we come across people who have invested thousands in a new website, only for the lack of traffic has meant that they’re receiving little to none return on investment. At Whimsie, I go further than simply building you a beautiful website and leaving you to your own, I then work alongside you to ensure your business is seen exactly where people are looking for your services.

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Gone are the days of scattered marketing where only a keen handle of the arts of black magic could allow you to forecast your results. We now live in a data-driven world that demands transparency and Google’s platform provides exactly that. As with any data, it’s meaningless unless you have the skills to pick it apart. I dismantle the jargon to provide research & analysis you need to set realistic expectations for climbing Google Rankings. I show you exactly how and where your money is being spent to give you peace of mind.

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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

At Whimsie Creative, I start by conducting a free, no-obligation technical SEO audit on your website. This allows us to show you exactly where you are underperforming and helps form the basis in regard to setting your expectations as to what can be achieved and within what timescales.

Competitor Analysis

Your rankings are only relevant to your competitors around you. I conduct analysis on your competitor’s websites to see where they’re underperforming and where the “low hanging fruit” exists. Knowing the SEO strengths and weaknesses of your competition is vital to climb above them.

Relevant Content

Google ranks your website according to your ability to supply information that is relevant to the user’s search terms. Content plays a significant part in this, and having shareable, engaging, keyword-driven content is vital to your SEO strategy. I can supply regular and relevant content to propel you to the top.

Brand Awareness

To effectively establish your brand in the digital landscape, it’s vital that your customers and prospects can easily find you on Google. It lets them know you are a reputable organisation and forms an essential part of building trust. I can help with all elements of your brand to create awareness and increase engagement.

Increase Revenue

Google has become the primary way in which people search for services. SEO is, therefore, one of the most tangible, effective means of marketing out there today. A strong and reliant SEO campaign can provide a significant return on investment and increase your bottom line to help your business reach new heights.


Understanding your current rankings and SEO profile against your competitors.


Formulating a tangible strategy to climb above the rest and get winning results.


Optimising your website, creating key word driven content, creating backlinks.


Watch your website soar in the rankings, this is why I get up in the morning!


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