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Responsive Web Design Importance1 min read

In a world of ever-evolving technology, responsive web design has never been more important. Unsurprisingly, a well thought-out design, which meets the demands of the latest gadgets, helps to retain your audience. A design which invites your audience is valuable, but seamless and responsive browsing is critical. Therefore, this is key to ensuring the visitor clicks the all-important call-to-action button.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is all about mimicking the natural behaviour of the user and their environment, based on factors such as device resolution, platform and screen size. Simply put, your website should instinctively adapt to the requirements of the device through which it is being accessed.

Why does your website need a responsive web design?

Because the global number of mobile device users has now risen to almost 75% , it is vital that your web design adapts to these demands. Our innovative designs ensure that your website is easily accessible to anyone using a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.

What does responsive web design look like?

All of our websites are designed with responsiveness in mind, paying attention to every small detail for a high-quality customer experience. From detecting the device type to device orientation, we focus on the interaction between the user and the website. Pinching or screen orientation changes are a thing of the past and we make sure your website adapts intuitively for all visitors.

responsive web design

Looking for a responsive web design?

Are you a start-up or a new business looking to get a customer-centred website? At Whimsie Creative we are here to listen to your needs. Feel free to get in touch for a quick chat.

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