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At Whimsie Creative, the PPC team have years of experience in delivering high-quality, cost-efficient Google Adword campaigns. They have the expertise to deliver a return on investment from day one.

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If SEO can be compared to a Marathon, then PPC can be compared to a sprint. To master either of these disciplines is no easy feat, just ask Mo Farah and Usain Bolt! If you are looking for an immediate return on investment, however, PPC is the best medium to deliver you instant Google success. With the attraction of instant returns, however, it’s easy to get carried away with yourself, similar to someone at the roulette table who’s had a couple too many to drink! PPC needn’t be a short-term gamble though, with the necessary skills & experience it can be mastered to deliver incredible results.

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We now live in a data-driven age. The beauty of this means that all of the information we need to make informed decisions is at our fingertips, and this certainly holds true for Google Adwords. The way Google works allows you to be extremely targeted in your marketing, as the platform has a vast profile of every user who is searching for your services. The skill, however, is decoding the data provided from a PPC campaign to tweak it suitably to make it work for you. This is where the PPC team earn their stripes, our years of experience is the difference between PPC success and a wasted marketing budget.

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PPC/Paid Search Audit

A great PPC campaign starts with deep research and analysis to understand your industry and competitors from an Adwords Perspective. Our PPC experts will analyse your required search terms and present to you the optimal strategy for a successful PPC campaign that targets the low hanging fruit.

Conversion Tracking

Whilst gaining new visitors to your website is great, it’s all slightly in vein if those clicks don’t turn in to conversions. Conversions can be defined by whatever it is you’re hoping for users to do on your website, e.g. fill out an enquiry form or buy a product. Understanding why visitors aren’t converting is key to optimising your campaign.

Bidding Strategies

The bidding strategy process analyses the performance of your PPC campaign during the times where it is being displayed on Google. A campaign, for example, may be far more lucrative at midday on a Friday than it is at 7pm on a Sunday. Understanding these metrics and tweaking accordingly is vital.

Remarketing Campaigns

A potential customer visits your site, has a browse, and then leaves… Never to be seen again, right? Not necessarily, the beauty of PPC and remarketing allows us to track these visitors using cookies presenting the opportunity to re-advertise to them on various other websites and platforms they may visit, Facebook, Youtube etc.

Display Advertising

To effectively establish your brand in the digital landscape, it’s vital that your customers and prospects can easily find you on Google. It lets them know you are a reputable organisation and forms an essential part of building trust. We can help with all elements of your brand to create awareness and increase engagement.

Adgrants for Charities

If you’re enquiring on behalf of a charity, there’s a golden egg that few are aware of. It’s called Google Adgrant, a scheme whereby you can apply for up to £10,000 per month of free advertising. Yes, you read that correctly. We have helped many charities not only successfully apply for the grant but help them manage it also.


Understand PPC in your vertical against your competition.


Formulate a plan for targeted PPC success.


Select the most cost-efficient keywords for the appropriate demographic.


Tweak and mould your campaigns for continued ROI.


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Get immediate return on investment. PPC is the best medium to deliver you instant Google success.

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