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Effective Use of Social Media Marketing to Promote Your Brand2 min read

Social media marketing can be a very effective tool for bringing traffic to your website, but gaining traffic is not enough. Once you gain an audience you should be working hard to maintain them.

Strong designs that draw the eye and support your social media marketing

In the modern age, visuals gain attention more than content. When posting it is imperative that any post has an image which reflects your brand, including strong colours with well-designed layouts that draw the eye to the message of the post.

Use of professional photography; having visuals that convey strong messages and show new use of your products/services is also advisable.

In light of this, it is advisable to use Instagram, in conjunction with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to effectively manage your social media marketing and your presence and bring traffic to your website/business.

Making content easily sharable will allow for an increase in your audience as people react to your content and share it through their own accounts.

Tracking engagement and reactions

Reactions to your content need to be closely monitored and engagement tracked. This will allow you to build upon your successes and ultimately create content that promotes your brand and genuinely engages your target audience.

Once your audience is engaged, it makes sense to build a dialogue with them. This will increase the strength of the relationship between you and your customers; allowing feedback to flow into the business and promotion of new products and services out of the business.

Remember, the content you create says everything about your brand, so the aim should be to create genuine interest amongst contacts, which will then create genuine interest beyond your current social media circle.

How often should you post?

Once an audience has been built it is imperative to keep their interest over the long-term through regular posting across all social media platforms.

Constant Contact, who provide insight for small businesses, have suggested that social media marketing activity should be to post on Facebook around 3-10 times a week; tweet on Twitter at least five times a day; post Instagram images at least once a day and to post on LinkedIn 2-5 times a week.

Social media marketing conclusion

All of these steps should be taken in conjunction with an SEO plan that increases the number of inbound links to your platforms and ultimately your business.

Remember to also make sure your social media marketing reflect your brand and what you stand for, as this ensures consistency when promoting your message and products.

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