Branding & Logo Design

Creative, innovative and original branding services, brand identity/style and brand logo design. I don’t use an alarm clock…ideas wake me up!

Branding for Start Ups &
New Ventures

Whether you’re looking to launch an exciting start-up company, a new local business or project, jumpstart your growth and drive competitive advantage with a compelling brand identity, style and a unique voice. Improving an existing brand is one thing, crafting a brand that meets the needs of a new venture is another – this is what really excites me.

Rebranding &
Brand Development

A change of direction or rebrand is not only a redesign of a brand’s visual identity, it can also be a new positioning, personality and voice that persuades, connects and effects your audience’s perception, behaviour or feeling towards your brand or company.

Brand Logo

There are many ‘automatic’ brand logo design generators out there, which is great…if you want a robot to be responsible for the most important design that represents your brand. Before I even begin to think about shapes, typography and concept, I spend time with you to understand the vision, values and personality of your brand. I believe this lets honesty, integrity and authenticity shine through in your logo design for years to come. Originality is timeless.

Brand Elements & Illustration

Your brand identity also relies heavily on other aspects and elements that compliment and accompany your brand logo design throughout every customer touch point. These are things like typography styles, colour palettes, icons, illustrations, patterns, layout design, the personality of photography and other graphic elements. All of the things used in your marketing. The design of these elements should be consistent with your brand’s personality. Voilà! Your brand identity is born!

Brand Style

The benefit of using brand guidelines is to avoid confusing your customers and staying efficient and effective with your brand’s marketing. Maintaining a clear message throughout your multiple marketing channels is vital in establishing and enhancing your audience’s perception of your brand. Brand consistency needs both focus and commitment but is essential for creating brand advocates and ultimately success. Your brand style guide will give you and your team (and me!) a structured and handy reference.

Number 1


Before a pencil is even looked at, I spend the time to understand your company’s core values.

Number 2

Idea Generation

For many designers, a blank canvas can be daunting. For me, a blank canvas is liberating!

Number 3


Once you’ve fallen in love with one of the many ideas presented, your brand identity is developed & refined.

Number 4


Hooray! You’re ready to unleash your brand on the universe! And they’re going to love it!

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