6 Website Design Moves That Will Increase Your Sales6 min read

If you’re trying to boost your eCommerce sales, one of the most important things you need to focus on is your web design & build. The way your website works and looks contributes significantly to the user experience and, in turn, how much revenue you can make from consumer conversions.

Even if your sales are doing well enough, these practices should give you a nice boost.

  1. Optimise for mobile
  2. Improve website loading speed
  3. Design a great landing page
  4. Use retargeting and remarketing
  5. Make feedback easily accessible
  6. Remind users about their carts

1. Optimise for Mobile

A large majority of online users, and specifically shoppers, do their surfing on their cellphones or tablets. Younger demographics show that mobile access is more frequent than computer access.

So, make sure your website is optimised for viewing on mobile. It should be easy to navigate and interact with using a mobile device, even if they’re not using an app.

3. Design a Great Landing Page

Aside from your homepage, you want a dedicated landing page that will have the sole purpose of getting users to do a specific task. This can be either signing up for a promo or getting an offer for a product you’re highlighting.

It allows you to have a focused call to action that encourages users to engage and take a step. Just make sure the layout is streamlined and free from distractions.

4. Use Retargeting and Remarketing

In eCommerce, you want to put a bigger focus on retaining existing customers. It’s simply more cost-effective than trying to pull in new consumers. This is where retargeting and remarketing come in.

Retargeting ads ensure that you are reengaging audiences that have already visited your platform. Remarketing is usually done via email and reminds previous customers to come back and check out your website again.

5. Make Feedback Easily Accessible

Online users care about being heard and knowing the opinions of other consumers. This gives them the confidence to purchase because they trust reviews from fellow buyers.

So, make sure you have a way for users to upload their own feedback and read what other users have posted. It should be easy to use, find, and read.

6. Remind Users About Their Carts

One of the biggest issues faced by eCommerce websites is cart abandonment. People add what they want and simply never check out their items. You can combat this issue by designing built-in reminders to carts.

One way is visual, by making sure the cart remains visible while they explore your website. The next is by connecting to users through email. You can set up cart reminders that let them know they still have items waiting to be checked out.

You’ll find that a lot of people just forget they’ve got a cart on your site and will likely get back to it with a reminder.


The best startup web design enables you not just to boost traffic but get more engagements. Your design should be geared towards revenue and expansion. By using these design elements, you’ll be able to encourage users to check out their carts and get more products.

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