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5 Web Design Tips You Should Follow4 min read

Let the Web Design Tips Commence!

We spend a lot of time online. Whether we are reading the news, shopping or simply researching your next home project, there is no doubt that the viewing experience is crucial for user satisfaction. Offering a great user experience will ensure that users are engaged with your site and will make sure that they keep on returning, so follow these five web design tips to get the most from your projects.

Design based on User Experience

While the content of your website is important, ensuring that all visitors have a memorable experience is also just as crucial. Users will often forget about the information and focus on how the website made them feel. This is very similar to the way in which adverts work and so, there is no reason why it cannot work in web design.

The layout, graphic, text and many other aspects of the design, work together to deliver a whole experience and not just a mass of information. A superb user experience can set your website apart from the rest and when you consider some of the best websites currently out there, they all focus on visual and interactive qualities.

Users scan before reading

You have to make your website easy for users to scan. A great web design tip is to use infographics and visuals as a way of conveying information and data. If your audience can quickly scan your website to find what they need, then they are likely to want to stick around and continue reading.

Simplicity leads the way

It takes just a few seconds for readers to decide whether a website is right for them and so, you need to make it clear to users what you want them to do. If you are including action buttons then they have to be simple to find. You have to do all you can to make your website easy to use and so, you need to constantly consider what changes you need to make.

If you opt for a clear and concise design, they will know that every page will have the same look. This will make it easy for them to know where to go to find exactly what they need.

Don’t get too creative

Common design elements are common for a reason and so, you do not have to look at reinventing them. Users should not be made to try and understand how your website works because you have made links hard to find or you have moved your login button to a random area of your site.

Keeping your interface simple will instantly promote the usability of your site even if you think common design elements are thing of the past. You will need to find the right balance between being creative and keeping things standard where necessary.

Understand your audience

Prior to creating your website, it is important to understand who your intended audience is. This will enable you to determine what they want and what works for them. Take a look at your competitor’s website and find out what works for them in terms of the style and layout they have adopted. If you choose to use a style and branding design that you know already works for your audience, it is possible for them to make the move over to your site. However, once you have identified who your audience is, it is important to consider their feedback. This will ensure that you opt for the right design but also show that you value their opinions.

Highlight important elements

If you are including crucial elements within your web design, it is important to make them stand out so users can focus on them. When it comes to website design, there are a number of ways that you can do this but the most effective way is to make them bigger than all other elements on your site and choosing a CTA colour.

Creating a focal point through increasing the size is one way of avoiding the need of including buttons that stand out as being anything other than obvious!

Using your new web design tips

When it comes to web design and creating a website that users want to use, you have to create an emotional bond with them. This is more than designing just an interface because if you focus on that then you will not see the right results. You have to design a site where navigation is easy, the site is simple to use and choosing the right colours and fonts that resonate with your audience. Strive for consistency and implement user feedback where possible and you will soon find that your website is a real success. We hope you found these web design tips useful!

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