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4 Tips on Designing the Perfect Logo for Your Startup3 min read

If you are in the process of beginning your own start-up, then there is a lot to think about. From the name of your new business to a marketing plan and beyond, you will have a long to-do list! One key thing that should be on there is logo design for your startup.

But why is this? In simple terms, getting your logo design right will help to establish your brand and market your company to consumers. Logo’s are very effective at sticking in people’s minds and this means that the right one can really capture the public’s attention.

If you need a few pointers on creating that killer logo, the below should help.

Make sure it has the right message

Although creativity is great for logo design, this does not mean there are no rules. One thing to consider is making sure that the logo you use fits the sector you are working in.

A gym, for example, would be much better with a logo that conveys strength, rather than one that has unicorns or flowers on. While this is a very broad example, it does highlight the need to think about what people want from businesses in your industry and build that into your startup logo.

Think about colour

You may not know this but colours have a big impact on how people perceive things. This makes it crucial to choose the colour or colours that you use in your brand logo carefully.

Red, for example, is seen as vibrant and youthful but has also been found to inspire feelings of hunger. Blue, on the other hand, is used by many businesses for the professional image it gives. Make sure that your startup logo contains colours which provoke the feelings you want to in consumers while also looking good.

Make your logo design for startups memorable

Perhaps THE biggest logo design tip for startups is to make it memorable. If your logo looks like a lot of others already out there then people will not remember it.

Logo design is actually a very complex process but some business owners will rush it by producing something similar to another they like. This is not advised – instead, take the time to make it unique to your brand and something that consumers will instantly recognise.

Your logo should be versatile!

Not only does the aesthetic of the startup logo need to be considered. Various formats of the same design need to be able to be compatible with the myriad of technological devices and marketing channels that will be showcasing your logo—mobile devices, tablets and the like.

The logo will also need to be designed to look at home in your startup website design![/vc_column_text]

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